Mobile CCTV Towers

The Cadre Group UK Ltd Mobile CCTV Tower is a fully integrated, rapidly deployable security solution that is proven to deter criminal activity and assist with the monitoring of site Health and Safety.

The most common installations for our Mobile CCTV Towers include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Sites
  • Events
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Vacant Properties

While most CCTV Systems are installed in a static location our Mobile CCTV Towers can be easily relocated, which is ideal on construction sites as it can be relocated as the site develops. Our Mobile CCTV Towers use wireless communications technology which minimises the use of disruptive cabling and comes complete with One PTZ and four Turret Cameras, battery back up in the event of power failure, analytic detection system to minimise false alarms and audio to enable us communicate information to potential intruders.

With the ability to move 360 degrees the Predator PTZ camera can see and record clear high quality images up to 175 meters during the day and up to 100 meters at night. When the unit is armed the camera is activated via the four Optex high performance movement sensors which can detect movement at a range of either 30 x 20 meters or 40 x 10 meters. Once the sensors detect movement, the Predator PTZ Camera will automatically pan to the area of activation and track and trace the cause of activation, a notification will also be sent to the CCTV Monitoring Station via the built in analytic detection system if it is a genuine activation, where the camera will switch to live view and be monitored to carry out a threat assessment to determine the cause of activation. If after visual verification, the CCTV Monitoring station detect an intruder then both the police and one of our Mobile Response Officers will be deployed to site as well as issuing a verbal challenge from the integrated audio system. For more information about this service please visit the Keyholding (Alarm and CCTV Response) page.

Installing our Mobile CCTV Tower on your site could seriously reduce the costs you may currently be paying for Static Security Officers or External Alarm Systems

Provision, Installation and Maintenance

  • Our Mobile CCTV Towers can be deployed at short notice, normally within 6 Hours of request (If available)
  • Installation of our Mobile CCTV Tower takes approximately one hour per unit
  • Equipment Maintenance is carried out monthly, which includes relocating if required


  • Trailer unit with 6M telescopic fully galvanised mast with heavy duty steel base
  • Top of the range Predator PTZ camera with 26:1 zoom – wiper and twin IR illuminators and optional “white light” integration
  • 4 5MP Turret Cameras with IR illuminators
  • 4 Optex SIP 30/20 or 40/10 high performance mast mounted movement sensors with front and rear “creep zone” protection
  • Analytic Detection System built in to each Turret Camera
  • External 30 watt horn speaker for live audio warnings
  • External high gain Omni-directional 4G/3G tri-band antenna
  • Marine grade dual voltage charging system (110-240V AC) and twin 12V DC UPS battery back-up system
  • 24v and 12v DC distribution board for auxiliary equipment (powering additional static cameras)
  • 4 camera EP4 command station DVR with 4TB hard drive 4G/3G embedded software and “advanced point and shoot” telemetry (camera) control
  • Option of additional external radio R/F Genesis battery operated standalone movement sensors which allow additional detection to site perimeters at additional cost
  • Genesis external battery operated standalone movement sensors

Key Features

  • Heavy duty base unit with exceptional stability and extremely secure from attack
  • Fully galvanised 6.2 metre mast with 6 point wind stability locking system
  • Mast is fully telescopic and can be deployed at variable heights
  • Mast protection offered by two sets of anti – climb brackets
  • External mast mounted movement sensors and audio horn enclosed and protected by cage system
  • Fully integral cable management system from cage – mast and equipment cabinet
  • The base has four corner built in (secure) jacking legs which are used for wheel removal and act as a ground levelling aid
  • Removable wheels
  • Rugged Predator dome with wiper, HS IR and “white light” switchable integration
  • Advance “point and shoot” camera control designed to combat latency issues over mobile networks
  • External high performance mast mounted detection system with front and rear “creep zone” fully protected within security cage
  • Optional R/F standalone radio detectors for additional perimeter security
  • Fully protected 30 watt audio horn within cage
  • Industrial grade mobile digital video and transmission unit with 1TB storage and embedded 4G/3G connection software
  • Dual voltage 110V – 240V AC marine grade 2 stage intelligent charger system
  • UPS battery back – up system with primary power fail notification

Optional Key Features

  • Standalone LPG generator or Hymera fuel cell systems with up to 28 days run time from twin LPG / Hydrogen gas bottles within secure lockable housing.
  • ANPR (automatic number plate recognition)
  • Thermal Imaging Devices

Cadre Group UK Ltd can also provide and manage a range of support services whether a power source is present or not that include but not limited to:

  • Access Control Systems Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Analytic Detection Systems
  • Boarding Up Services
  • CCTV Installation & Monitoring
  • CCTV Maintenance & Repairs
  • Concierge (Front of House)
  • Electricians
  • Emergency Lighting Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Emergency Services
  • Fire Alarm Installation & Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance & Repairs
  • Gas Engineers
  • Gate & Barrier Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Glaziers
  • Guard Dogs
  • Intruder Alarm Installation & Monitoring
  • Intruder Alarm Maintenance & Repairs
  • Keyholding (Alarm & CCTV Response)
  • Lock Up’s & Unlocks
  • Locksmiths
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Mobile CCTV Towers
  • Mobile Security Patrols
  • Network Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Plumbers
  • Retail Security
  • Roller Shutter Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Security Fencing Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Static Security Guarding
  • Void Property Solutions

This cost-effective service which can be altered to your requirements, acts as an effective deterrent to crime and can be carried out anytime day or night.

If you are interested in our Mobile CCTV Towers and would like more information on how our service is delivered, to view our Policies and Procedures or Client Testimonials, then please do not hesitate to contact us, either by telephone, email or via the online Quotation Request Form.